7 Quotes Every Quaintrelle Can Relate To

Quaintrelle. The meaning can be interpreted many different ways, but the simple definition is this: A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charms, and cultivation of life’s pleasures. Here are several quotes a true quaintrelle can relate to:

A quaintrelle lives an expressive and passionate life. Doing so requires her to pursue anything that excites and delights her spirit.

Flowers make an average day just a bit more lovely. A quaintrelle appreciates her flowers (especially a bouquet she buys for herself!)

A poem is not just words. The human body is not just a machine. Sex is not just an act. A quaintrelle encompasses herself in a world of beauty. She recognizes that life is an orchestration of constantly moving events and interactions, and that almost anything can be transformed into an art - making life that much more wonderful.

An echo to the former statement - a quaintrelle enjoys finding the beauty in life, especially in simple things.

There is simply no time for that.

Quaintrelles can be some of the most accepting individuals you will meet when it comes to fashion. They are not by-passers judging every little fault or obscure look - they are creators who inspire and are inspired by uniqueness and authenticity. This idea is reflected in their personal style.

A common compliment a quaintrelle may receive is that she is "charming". Really, she just understands the art of connection. A quaintrelle understands how to delicately initiate a conversation that leads to deep feelings and vulnerability.