Free to be Me: Type B Personality

I consider myself to be a Type B personality; easygoing, creative, social.

My choices have played a significant part in who I am today. However, I attribute much of who I am to my father. He taught that winning isn't everything and that fun and learning are rewarding. He encouraged me to recognize all the good things in my life when I could only see the bad. He showed me how to work to live, not live to work.

I am so thankful for these lessons because they gave me the chance to live. To experience life!

This is who I am; this Type B laissez-faire girl. Although I'm at peace with this, for a long time, I wasn't.

In school, in my professional world, and in my social relationships, a lot of people thought I was all wrong. And I mean, ALL wrong; my speech, my way of thinking, my smile (yes, once someone told me that I smile too much).

I felt insufficient when I absorbed others' opinions of me.

I began to realize the power I hold in my honest and most true form, and what I have to offer to the world simply by being myself.

For a long time, I let those opinions define my worth. I thought that my friendliness made me weak. That my creativity made me odd. That my unwavering curiosity and need to ask questions made unapproachable.

With time and patience, I have been able to detox and unravel the web of misconceptions that I spun. Now, I realize the power I hold in my honest and most true form simply by being myself. There's so much of me I can give to the world.

To my wildly creative and gentle Type B's, to anyone who has been told that you're just all wrong, your perception of yourself is powerful. More so than the opinion of someone who thinks in one-dimensional terms.

Use that power to do good for yourself. Use it to do good for others. In the process, you might just find that you love life.

I know I do.