In Honor of National Rice Month...

Rice. This seemingly small grain is, in reality, is quite powerful when you consider its global presence. It feeds more than half of the world's population.

Like many others in the world, I have a special relationship with rice. My father grew up in Cuba where rice was the foundation for every meal. Passing down tradition, I grew up eating rice and eggs for breakfast or lunch and sometimes arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) for dinner. Having an autoimmune disorder, rice is a significant part of my diet that provides sustenance. This special grain not only nourishes me but provides a warm feeling of nostalgia and comfort.

Having traveled, I am amazed by the many forms rice takes on and the similarities found in different cultural rice-based dishes. I stayed in Vietnam for a month and realized it is common to eat rice and egg for lunch, similar to my Cuban culture. Rice is a shared experience among citizens of the world, and it has the power to spark joy, build connections, and nourish those in need.

It’s estimated that 25,000 die from starvation each day across the globe.

That is the very mission of the World Food Programme's Free Rice vocab quiz; to nourish the 821 million people who do not get enough food to eat. For every word that is correctly defined, WFP pulls from their donation pool to provide 10 grains of rice to people in need.

The concept is simple but impactful.

Since the creation of the quiz, over 1 billion morsels of this life-saving grain have been distributed to communities vulnerable to starvation. While participation from the online community is overwhelming, so is the amount of people in need of food.

It’s estimated that 25,000 die from starvation each day across the globe. If we can help those suffering from hunger by taking an online quiz, the task not only seems simple, but necessary. Join the community dedicated to ending world hunger by taking the Free Rice quiz here. By correctly choosing 20 words, you will generate one bowl of rice.