My Favorite Face Masks and How They Help My Skin

To me, face masks are not so much about beauty as they are about self-care. My mom taught me that it is possible and essential to include self-care into our daily routine, and that face masks are a great way to incorporate a bit of self-care at the end of the day. Growing up, my mom and I would paint our faces with homemade honey yogurt face masks and take 10 minutes just to sit and relax or laugh with one another. We still do this together if we have the chance.

Over the years, I've experimented past the homemade honey face masks, although still a classic, to discover some of my favorite skin care brands. Like many others, my skin undergoes seasonal and hormonal changes that contribute to rough, dry, or blemished skin. Thankfully, I know which skin mask to use to quickly reverse these natural changes for a smooth and healthy complexion.

These are my favorite face masks - tried and true and should be applied no more than three times a week, so you're not depriving yourself of your skin's natural oils. I hope you're able to take a moment for yourself and enjoy some of my favorites!

Orgaid's Vitamin C Mask

I'll be honest, I'm not a die-hard fan of sheet face masks - except for this one. It's no secret what the natural powers of Vitamin C will do for your skin. This mask has that and so much more. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, remove, don't rinse, sleep, and wake up with a glowing complexion.

Eminence's Coconut Cream Mask

Coconut cream mask is as divine as it sounds. This lavish cream mask is so light on my face and perfect for my sensitive skin, and it gives the ultimate boost of hydration. Since it does not have strenuous lifting and tightening effects once applied, it's the perfect treatment when you want to just unwind.

Lush's BB Seaweed Mask

Before I officially converted to Lush's seaweed mask, I was devoted to another brand's seaweed mask for double the cost. I can confidently say Lush's BB Seaweed is up to par (dare I say, a little better) with the lux brand. The composition of this mask is gentle, but gets the job done to tone and lift.

Shea Moisture's African Black Soap Mud Mask

My go-to in college when I was broke (Still am. Ha). Anyway, this mask runs over my skin like smooth butter with a coolness and calming aromas. Shea Moisture advertises their clarifying mud mask as a topical for blemish-prone skin, but frankly, I just use this to relax and treat myself.

Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay is powerful by itself or is lovely in a mix such as honey, yogurt, and cacao. The clay is dry and is meant to be mixed with water or other components. Ultimately, this natural remedy closes pores and lifts the face. And trust me, a little amount of this clay mixture will go a long way.

May Lindstrom Skin's Honey Mud Mask

Finally, the coup de grâce, May Lindstrom Skin's Honey Mud Mask. A delicacy, and well worth it if you're willing to splash out. Thus far, there has yet to be another mask that leaves my skin illuminated, hydrated, and firm all in one go. Pro tip: this face mask has a thick and sticky texture, so I suggest applying on an upward angle to relieve signs of aging or tiredness.